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Cell structure

Cell structure

  • Cell wall Tough, rigid outer layer that protects the cell and gives it shape. Found in plants, algae, fungi, and most bacteria.
  • Centrioles Produce spindle fibers needed for mitosis.
  • Cytoplasm Thick liquid inside the cell, often compared to jelly or gelatin.
  • Endoplasmic reticulum A system of membranes that is found in a cell's cytoplasm and that assists in the production, processing, and transport of proteins and in the production of lipids.
  • Golgi body Organelle were sorting and packaging into vesicles takes place.
  • Lysosome Organelle that contains breaks down molecules.
  • Microtubules Part of cytoskeleton- provide support, aid in cell division, and are components of organelles
  • Mitochondrian Powerhouse of the cell, produces energy (ATP) from oxygen and sugar(Cellular respiration)
  • Nucleus Organelle which controls all cell functions; contains the genetic material DNA
  • Nucleolus The organelle where ribosomes are made, synthesized and partially assembled, located in the nucleus
  • Ribosomes An organelle that functions in the synthesis of proteins