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This extension shows you a stream of flashcards each time a new tab is opened. That way, every time you open a new tab you review 2-3-5 cards before doing something else, mixing these tiny chunks of flashcards reviewing through the day, which should also improve memory-retention as interleaving comes into play.

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Powerful learning dashboard

New Tab page that gives you an ability to learn something new during your working day with spaced repetition technique (the most powerful technique in existence for improving your brain's ability to recall what you study).

You can learn languages, math, chemistry, computer science and everything you want.

Different types of questions: flashcards, multiple choice questions and written questions. You can customize quantity of flashcards for each new tab and delay between learning sessions.

New inspirational photo each day

Automatically change the wallpaper every day to bring you a new mood. You may use your own images as the wallpapers.

Built-in translator in pop-up bubble

When you find unknown word or phrase in foreign language text, select it to view its translation in a small pop-up bubble. Save translated words to your deck on Studylib instantly, so you can practice them later.

Learning through context is the best way to learn vocabulary that is right for you..

Learning everything

Flashcards are effective not only for learning languages. Save everything you need for study or work, and repeat it in your free time.

Learn on the go

Memorize your knowledge on your PC, tablet or smartphone with convenient learning tools. Long term learning or fast cramming.

With Spaced Repetition system you can better your grades spending 15-20 minutes a day.

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